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Regular international shipping

We ship parts from our warehouse in Japan woldwide via EMS Japan Post usually. Regular delivery time is about 10-25 bussines days.
Please notice, we don't take responsibility for possible delivery delays and for any import duties or taxes in the country of destination.
Need it faster? We're able to offer other variations.


Shipping cost: ¥

Calculation of the price of delivery is a reference. The final shipping cost will be calculated by us based on the actual gross weight of the parcel.

Our transportation options


Regular delivery time is about 10-25 bussines days. The length cannot exceed 150cm, and A+B+C+D+E measurement cannot exceed a total of 300cm. Limited weight: Up to 30 kg.


Regular delivery time is about 3-10 bussines days. The length cannot exceed 274cm, and A+(Bx2)+(Cx2) cannot exceed a total of 330cm. Limited weight: Up to 68 kg.


Regular delivery time is about 2-8 bussines days. Accept boxes up to 70 kg. If You need ship more heavy parcel, we can use pallet option.
More info here.

Please notice, that each country's packing size and weight regulations may vary.
Please contact us if you would like to know the regulations for the country you are importing to.


We can send you items separately or consolidate them before shipping. You can combine as many parts as you wish into the same shipment group.
Save on international shipping costs by combining your orders into the same package. Storage and consolidation is free for You during 3 monthes.
After that the fee will be 100 Yen per 1kg each next month. Depending on the size and weight of your items, we'll decide packaging option.

Insurance of delivery by EMS Japan Post

All parcels are insured against loss or damage occurred during delivery, with the claim amount equal to the parcel`s value,
but not exceeding 20,000 Japanese Yen by default. If the parcel`s value exceeds 20,000 Japanese Yen, you are able to increase
the claim amount by paying additionally 50 Yen per each 20,000 Yen of the parcel`s value. If you would like to increase
the insurance amount, please write down a comment while making the order request.

Warranty limitations

For products sent internationally, please take note that any manufacturer warranty may not be applicable, manufacturer repair options may not be accessible.
Product manuals, instructions and safety warnings may not be in your country's language; the merchandise may not be made in agreement with your country's
standards, specifications, and labeling requirements also. And the merchandise may not obey the guidelines to your country's voltage and other electrical standards.