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Order exchange

We're always ready to exchange your purchase if we have shipped an incorrect or defective product, but please do not damage the packaging or remove
the tags and/or protective coverings from your merchandise until you've determined that it's the right size. Failure to follow this instruction may result
in additional charges and/or refusal of your return. All returned items must be in its original, new, unused, unworn condition, and include
its original undamaged packaging, attached tags, instructions, etc. Never ship an item in its original manufacturers packaging,
because it will arrive damaged. Please use a postal box or other packaging to save parts, wich you're returning.

Damaged or missing shipments

Missing or damaged packages are the responsibility of the delivering provider. If you receive a damaged package, save the box
and all packaging material, and then contact us right away. Damaged shipments, defective merchandise
and packing errors must be reported to us within 48 hours of receiving.

All returns or exchanges must be received within 30 business days from the date the order is received.
Any returned items that do not follow the most general guidelines will be returned and no credits will be issued!

Order cancellation

Please be sure you want something before you order it. In the event that you have to cancel your order with us or change
an item after your order has been placed, please be aware that an item has to be ordered from manufacturers.
Once your item has processed and shipped to us from the manufacturer or distributor, there is no stopping it!