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After receiving your order with data about your country, we check the availability of the part/parts in stock in Japan, specify the shipping cost and
estimated delivery date. In case of your confirmation, we will send you an invoice, included price of parts and shipping cost by EMS Japan Post
or other transportation provider if necessary. Please be patient while we process your order. Our regular handing time is 1-3 business days
after we receive your order. Air shipments also take us a day to process. Thank you for understanding.


You can pay for your order exclusively by our invoice. Please use VISA / MasterCard / American Express via PayPal or international bank transfer.
The payments by PayPal are deposited immediately, but to use it You must be a PayPal member. You can sign up to PayPal here.
If You use bank transfer method, please notice, that it takes 2-3 business days for us to confirm your transfer funds.

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We issue invoices in Japanese Yen only, so please notice, that the exchange rate may differ with rate used by your Bank.