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The largest manufacturer of hydraulic cranes, manipulators and lifts in Japan. Presented in all markets of the world, including Europe, where it competes with LIEBHERR.
We're working with Tadano in Japan directly, which allows quickly and without extra costs to supply any parts produced by the company in Japan.

We supply spare parts for all kinds of TADANO machinery:

  • 1. Rough and all terrain cranes TR, TL, ATF and GR Series:

    ATF40G, ATF40G-2, ATF50G-3, ATF70G-4, ATF100G-4, ATF110G-5, ATF130G-5, ATF180G-5, ATF220G-5, ATF400G-6,GR120NL, GR300EX, GR500EX, GR600EX,

    GR800EX, GR1450EX, TR150M, TR160M, TR200M, TR250M, TR350M, TR500M, TL150, TL160M, TL200, TL200M, TL250, TL300M, TL350M, GT600EX, GT350E, GT550E

  • 2. Self-propelled crawler cranes:

    GTC1200, GTC300EX, GTC400EX, GTC700EX

  • 3. Truck-mounted aerial work platforms:

    AT80TT, AT100, AT110, AT146TE, AT147CE, AT120, AT141, AT145, AT155, AT185, AT200, AT220, AT230, AT250, AT270TG, AT320TG

  • 4. Heavy-duty large truck-mounted aerial work platforms:

    AT100SR, AT120S, AT150S, AT180S, AT200S

  • 5. Truck-mounted loader cranes:

    TM-Z 200, TM-Z300, TM-Z360, TM-Z500, TM-ZF300, TM-ZF500, TM-ZE500, TM-ZE500G, TM-ZR300, TM-ZR500, TM-ZR600,

    TM-Z820, TM-ZT400, TM-ZT500, TM-ZT500H, TM-ZT630, TM-ZT650, TM-ZT820, TM-ZT820H, TM1052

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