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The range of KATO self-propelled hydraulic cranes is perhaps the widest in the world. A huge number of modifications of cranes are
produced at the factories of KATO in Japan. In addition, the corporation produces excavators, vacuum pumps, digger derricks and snow removal machines.
We've been working with the spare parts department of KATO in Japan for more than 10 years and are always ready to use our experience in the interests of the client.

We supply spare parts for all kinds of KATO machinery

  • 1. Rough terrain cranes:

    KR10H, KR20H, KR22H, KR25H, KR25H-V, KR35H, KR35H-2, KR35H-V, KR45H-V, KR45H-VS,

    KR50H, KR50H-V, KR50H-L/L2, KR65H, KR70H, KR70H-L/LM, KR75H, KR80H

  • 2. All terrain cranes:

    K400, KA800, KA900, K1300SL

  • 3. Truck cranes:

    NK70M, NK70M-V, NK75M, NK75M-V, NK160, NK200, NK200H/BE/S/Y/YS, NK300, NK300E/S/YS,

    NK400, NK400S, NK450, NK450S, NK500, NK500M/MS, NK550, NK550YR, NK750, NK750S/YS

  • 4. Crawler excavators:

    HD308US, HD512-3, HD700, HD820, HD1430, HD1500, HD2015, HD2045

  • 5. Digger derricks:

    PF1200, PF1200S, PF1200YS, KE1500

Online parts catalogs for some KATO models

Examples of some parts for KATO

Most popular parts for KATO currently