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AIRMAN is a trade mark of HOKUETSU INDUSTRIES. World leader and pioner of air compressors manufacturing.
Also Corporation produces engine generators, portable lighting units, scissors lifters and mini excavators.

We supply spare parts for all kinds of AIRMAN machinery:

  • 1. Portable air compressors:

    PDS50S, PDS70S, PDS100S, PDS130S, PDS175S, PDS185S PDS265S, PDS390S, PDS655S, PDS750S, PDSK900S, PDSJ750S,

    PDSK1200S, PDSG1300S, PDSG750S, PDSG460S, PDSF830, PDSF750S, PDSF530S, PDSE900 and other.

  • 2. Stationary air compressors SAS, SW, SAW, SAD, SWD, SMS series.
  • 3. Engine generators:

    SDG25S, SDG45S, SDG60S, SDG100S, SDG150S, SDG220S, SDG300S, SDG400S, SDG500S, SDG610S,

    SDG800S, SDG25AS, SDG45AS, SDG60AS, SDG100AS, SDG150AS and other.

  • 4. Mini excavators:

    AX10U, AX17U, AX26U, AX30U, AX33U, AX38U, AX48U, AX55U and other.

  • 5. Scissors lifters ENTL, ENCL series.

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